We See a Different Frontier

I am very excited to announce that the postcolonial SF anthology, We See a Different Frontier is now available for purchase. I have a story in this anthology, my first sale!

The kindle version

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Locus reviews (has a brief overview of my story)

“A story of discovering one’s own roots. It seems that under Krashigari domination, some of the repressed ThuLa sects hid their secret language in a system of coded tattoos, of which they no longer remember the exact significance.”

Aliette de Bodard’s mini review 

A Culture Clings to Its Reflection in a Cleaned-Up Soap Opera – NYTimes.com

A Culture Clings to Its Reflection in a Cleaned-Up Soap Opera 

“Baktun” is as much a cultural journey as one of the heart, using a contemporary story line that blends Mayan ceremonies and beliefs with the tale of a young man who emigrates to New York City to work, distances himself from family and community — even becoming rusty in his language — and eventually returns and learns the value of preserving the community and not forgetting his roots

Mexico’s Large Millimeter Telescope Opens for Business – ScienceInsider


Mexico’s Large Millimeter Telescope Opens for Business – ScienceInsider.

Perched on the summit of a dormant volcano in the Mexican state of Puebla, the Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT) watches how stars, galaxies, and planets form. The result of a binational collaboration between the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and Mexico’s National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics (INAOE), the LMT saw first light in 2011 and is about to begin its first scientific observation season.ScienceInsider chatted with LMT Director David Hughes about millimeter-wavelength telescopes, Mexico’s growing astronomy community, and his plans for the LMT’s future.