trip to wollongong

North Wollongong station, deserted but for D and me. D thinks we’ve gotten off at the wrong place, but it turned out to be the right one.

View of the lighthouses from the beach. There’s a nice walk along the beach going past rockpools.

Closer to the lighthouse, we came across a small inlet where the sailing boats came home to roost.

And here they are. Waiting.

D and me at the Hindu temple in Helensburgh.

Some kids hanging out on the streets at Helensburgh, notice the weird cycle/car things the two boys are riding. Very cool.


3 thoughts on “trip to wollongong

  1. Hi Dinu,

    I got your message. I am surprised your were able to find my website! Just trying my hand at blogging.

    I have been a silent admirer of your blog – really cool stuff.

    Keep in touch.

  2. Hi Subhash, good to see you in the blogging world 🙂
    That makes a total of four I think. Me , you, Bharath and Siddarth. But Bharath’s site is down for a couple of days now. And Jaideep’s disappeared as well.

  3. Helensburgh?! Are you sure about that?
    *trots off to google*


    I now have a very vague memory of seeing the porcelain top of the shrine (photos in that link aren’t the best though) – it must have been when it was first consecrated in ’85 – when I used to ride motorcycles down that way.

    And..I like your new house!

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