The Circus of the Spineless #6

It’s online at Science and Politics.


2 thoughts on “The Circus of the Spineless #6

  1. Oh, ok….spider is dead, long live the (new) spider!

    I was wondering if I’d hit a wrong button when I saw this layout. Psychomapping the templates perhaps? 😉

    I enjoyed the piece on the Opera House. To tell the truth, I’ve only been to a few performances. As a building-come-landmark I do like it though, but as you alluded to, there are very few cultural icons here so they tend to get thrashed to death. I’ll always think of it as the ‘scrum of nuns’ however.

  2. Yeah ive been changing layouts like crazy. I still can’t decide if I’m going to stick to this one. WordPress allows for almost no customization, but i”m hoping that will change in the future.

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