Odds and ends in Brazil

1. The Rio in Rio de Janeiro is not a river!
2. Views from the Christ the Redeemer statue beat that of the Sugar Loaf mountain, but it´s harder to compare the rides themselves. The cable car was as fascinating as the insanely steep train.
3. I apologize to non-arachnologists, but don´t you think that the Sugar loaf mountain looks exactly like a giant fossilized archeid???!
4. The first time in ages that I tasted something that was completely alien to me- Açai fruit juice
5. Being mistaken as a brasiliero has its advantages, the number of people selling me things reduced dramatically when I was unaccompanied.
6. The beaches…are typical. Heh.
7. They sell prayers written on rice papers for the faithful to swallow at the chapel adjoining the Museum of Sacred Art in Sao Paulo.

I´m off to Santiago now, and no doubt will try to speak portuguese to the locals and confuse everybody. I´m not looking forward to the cold, though.


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