Broken Bone

Those of you who occasionally drop in to read this blog from time to time will have noticed that I havent been writing for the past two months or so. Of course, this is not something new, I am known to disappear from time to time, but this time, it was completely involuntarily.
On the 15th of November 2007, I was playing a game of football with the people from my lab. It was just a normal game, but for some reason, in an attempt to reach a ball that was flying over my head, I leaped into the air, sorta changed my mind midway, and then landed badly on the left leg. I think the ground was uneven as well. The end result was that I snapped the bone of my lower leg, and dislocated my ankle to boot. So I spent the last two months shuttling between hospitals and home, starting off with crutches and now finally a cane. Apparently it was quite hard to break my leg the way I did, and the doctor said it took great skill.
Hobbling about on crutches changed my perception of so many things. The scale of the land became larger…a walk that would have taken no more then 5 minutes turned into a 30 min trek. The ground suddenly became more uneven. Shopping malls were more daunting than before, I now had to memorize the locations of the lifts as well since the escalators were too terrifying. People I encountered were more helpful, and nearly everyone I spoke to told me about their own fracture…all those broken bone stories waiting to come out at last. I started noticing the gear that other people used to help them move around- the crutches, the canes, the wheel chairs. I started noticing the presence of access ramps and the steepness of steps. The most terrifying staircase was the one at Sydney Observatory, as well as the one at the Riverside theatre, where we went to see a concert by my favourite band ever Pink Martini, was especially scary since we were a few minutes late and all the lights had already been dimmed.
Anyway, I’ve paid my last visit to the hospital, and the doctor assured me that my body would let me know when I’ll be able to get that spring back in my step


5 thoughts on “Broken Bone

  1. glad to hear you’re on the mend after such a nasty break; I am lucky enough to have dodged any bone-breaking in my life, but have made up for it with frequent surgeries of one variety or another. Perhaps it was to give you a new perspective on the world, as seems to have been the case…
    are you expected to make a full recovery or is there a chance of a limp? (don’t worry, the tv show House has made canes a sexy thing. 😉

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