A Vegetarian spider!!!

“Around 40 or 50 spider species have been documented drinking nectar, but this is the first case where a spider has been shown to survive on plant matter,” says Ken Whitney of Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Christopher Meehan at the University of Arizona in Tucson and colleagues conducted stable-isotope analyses of the spider's body tissue. 15N:14N ratios betray diet type – with low ratios suggesting a vegetarian – while 13C:12C ratios can be used to identify the source of a creature's food.

via Vegetarian spider is Gandhi of arachnids – life – 12 October 2009 – New Scientist.


4 thoughts on “A Vegetarian spider!!!

  1. Amazing stuff, isn’t it! Competition for food must truly have been fierce to selectively shift the behaviour of these spiders towards feeding on those beltian bodies.

  2. Yeah, it’s very hard to believe. I haven’t been able to read the paper yet, but I’ll have to give it a close look. The irony is that the species is called Bagheera kiplingi!

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