The blog lay dormant through most of 2011, not only because of a sudden but expected reduction in time available, but also inclination. I did continue my offline blog, my moleskine for travel related entries. I’m hoping that this year will mark a return to blogging.

And therefore, here’s a list of books I picked up North of the Border last month
1. Endless things, by John Crowley. I already had a copy of this book, the last in the Aegypt cycle, but the edition I had did not match. It stuck out like a sore thumb, and it had always bothered me. So this time, I found a copy of the book in the Smith’s Family Bookstore, in Eugene, Oregon and bought it without blinking. This is a new attitude for me: and from on I will replace crappy editions of books I already own and love with nice ones. I’m already regretting not buying a superior copy of Wind, Sand and Stars by Saint-Exupery.
2. Andrea Barrett’s The middle kingdom. I liked Barrett’s previous books, especially Ship Fever, she has that nicely managed mix between science and literature. I bought this book solely on the strengths of the previous ones I’ve read, even though the them of this novel did not particularly interest me.
3. Kleinzeit, by Russel Hoban. Russel Hoban just passed away recently, yet another in the line of favourite authors dying. His The Medusa Frequency has always been a very important part of my collection, and I’ve carried it to various continents. This book was written prior to TMF, but it has a very similar feel to it. I think the three books, TMF, Kleinzeit and The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz make a sort of weird trilogy.
4. Difficult Loves, by Italo Calvino. Nothing much to say here, except this is part of my effort to slowly have every Calvino book in my library.


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