India in Mexico

This is an ongoing guide, I will update it occasionally. If you know of any more relevant sites, please let me know (email/in the comments).

Indian/ Pakistani Restaurants

(here’s a facebook search for Indian Restaurants in Mexico, not very reliable, but lots new to me)

Tandoor (D.F)

Bukhara (D.F.)

Taj Mahal (D.F)

Dawat (D.F)

Barrio Indu (D.F)

Varanasi (D.F)

Rasoi Home Made Indian Food (D.F., looks like they only do home delivery?)

Elefanta (Cancun)

Little India (Guadalajara)

Goa (Guadalajara)

Mini Taj (Oaxaca) (they’ve moved, here’s the website)

Bhaji (Queretaro)

Curry Sultan (Monterrey)

Indian food thread on Lonely Planet website

Banjara Restaurante (Puebla)

La Masala (Xalapa!!!) closed down 😦

Cúrcuma: occasional week long Indian menu (Xalapa, wow)

Curry Omm (playa del carmen)

Centro Bharati (Guanajuato)

Radha Govinda (Leon, Guanajuato)

Adrak House (Puebla)

Namaste India (Cabo San Lucas)

El Pakistaní (Xalapa)

Masala y Maiz (DF)

Indian Groceries

Hardev Singh

(* apparently not in DF anymore, see comments, I haven’t confirmed this)

Calle Fernando De Alva Ixtlixochtil 27 INT 201
Col. Obrera, C.P.06800. DF,
-Home delivery via courier service

Rey’s Home of Spices 

(site under construction, but email ( works)
-Home delivery via courier service


Lakshmi Indian Store (Guadalajara)

La casa de las especias (Cuernavaca)



Gurudev Tagore Cultural Centre (Facebook page)

Indian Artefacts

Gopinath Bazar (FASHION OF INDIA)

India Town

Tulsi Regalos 


Sikh Center Mexico


Centro Cultural Islamico de Mexico

Online Communities

Indians in Mexico

Indian Women’s Association of Mexico (IWAM)

Indian Expats in Mexico

Descendants of India in Mexico


Ensamble de Danza Clasica de la India (Odissi; Djahel Vinaver)

Taj Mahal Cancun (Wedding and Catering)


156 thoughts on “India in Mexico

  1. Hi,

    My wife and I were in Guadalajara for Semana Santa and she found another good Indian restaurant that I think you should add to your list. It’s called Goa and they have 2 branches.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


      1. hey dinesh will be staying in puebla for 3years.let me know where i can shop for groceries and is there any indian community here.

  2. Hey nice work dinesh, Great piece of information,
    I am visiting to Puebla for next 6 months. Can you mail any document if you have which may help.


  3. Hello All, thank you Dinesh and everyone for their input in this forum. I recently moved to mexicali. Does anyone know any indian families, groceries stores here. What is the best way to get indian groceries? Please reply. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jyoti

      I have no idea about Mexicali, but so far I have relied on shipping groceries from Mexico City to Xalapa. The other option may be to explore how easy it is to get stuff from across the border.

    1. hi rk .. i have recently moved to monterrey .. appreciate you could share info about indian groceries n restros in monterrey .. if u have collated/known by now..thanks


  4. Hola
    thanx for the info. Can you suggest any indian or vegetarian restaurant in tijuana. And indian grocery. I am muslim and eat chicken but not in this country. We eat only halal chicken. So any shop like that. Rite now we only get from san diego.
    Any indian family in tijuana?

    Gracias !

    1. Hola Ghazala
      I’m sorry, I haven’t heard of any Indian restaurant/Grocery in tijuana. San Diego may indeed be your best bet.


    2. Hola Ghazal I am coming to Tijuana in March I am Muslims I need some info about living in Tijuana my wife is from Tijuana I wanna know about Indian or Muslim community also can I have ur Skype or phone my wife would like to meet you she lives in La gracias

    3. Assalam-o-Alikum
      Ghazala, i am muslim from Pakistan, my wife and children lives in Houston, i came here in Mexico so my family can frequently visit me, but after i came, found out living in Mexico specially in S.L.P remote area state is behond my expectations, if you would kindly help me in finding a good place where i can find a lawyer who can help me change my visitor status to any working status so i can live legal here, if some one in Pakistan posseses U.K/Canada/Usa any type of visa, do not require Mexican tourist visa, i have 10 years UK multiple visa so i came here on that visa and got 6 months stay here, my wife knew some one in houston who is mexican, i am living with them in there house, since 24 july 2016, till now i only eat once in every 2 to 3 days, egg bread or aloo ki bhaji, food is not an issue for me, i can survive like that at this time, my main concern is how to change status and a place where atleast i can talk some muslims people either in URDU/ENGLISH, hindi is like urdu, but spanish is too difficult for me at least now, i can understand a bit but can not speak at all.

      please if you believe in humanity being a muslim, please ask some one to help me, i am an old man 40 years old father of 3 children age 14 13 and 10 Son and 2 daughters.

      i can move any where in mexico, all i need muslims people area and a lawyer

  5. Hi there,
    I am relocated to Cuernavaca, Morelos for 2 years. I am also looking for some Indian Markets/Shops in here.
    Also I need to know if there are any Indian people around.
    Please help.

    1. Hi Rohit, I’m afraid I have no idea about Cuernavaca. I think most of the Indians in Mexico are in Mexico City which is quite close. There is a Indian Women’s association in mexico city who may help you in finding others. Send me an email for their contact details.

    2. Helo Rohit,

      Are you still in Cuernavaca? I moved to Cuernavaca too a year back and found a store called La Casa de las Especias on Vicente Guerrero street almost in front of Waldo’s.


      1. Hello Dinesh,

        They sell Asian condiments in general (India, Chinese, Japanese, Thai).

        You may find a variety of Indian ingredients (Grains such as Moong, Chole, etc.), Garam Masala, Fenugreek, Cilantro and Cummin Seeds / Powder, Basmati Rice (100 Pesos / kg), Semolina (Rava) …

        Not sure of the Owner’s Nationality though …

        In DF, there’s also a Chinese Store on Division del Norte (in the corner of Londres, approx. 2 streets from Rio Churubusco), that is a lot bigger and has a lot more Indian stuff than the one in Cuernavaca.


      2. Just confirmed on Google Maps the name of the Store in DF (Division del Norte / Londres) is “Super Oriental”.


  6. Hello
    Just to to thank you for the info, is really useful. I heard also there is a little grocery owned by an Indian guy herr in Guadalajara. I heard is nearby Plaza del Sol…. But I could not find it… 😦 Do you have Some information? If someone has heard something about it, It will be really nice to read It
    Thank you

    1. No I haven’t heard of any in Guadalajara. Maybe you can contact the Indian restaurant there, and see if they have any suggestions? Let me know if you find out so I can update the page. Good luck!

  7. HI i have recently moved to montterrey to study at egade business school for a term .. that is till december the 5th, am looking for paying guest accommodation with Indians .. anyone in this forum from monterrey .. please let me know if interested..

  8. hii…can i buy masala or any raw food material from any of these outlet?? also is there any address for rey´s home of spices for if i want to go to their shop and buy???

  9. hi dinesh – we’ll be moving to mexico city soon…and was wondering about Rey’s home of spices…you mention that you use them frequently….upon visiting the website, saw that its a static page with an embedded email….can’t see what’s available etc….how do you get around this?

  10. Hi All, While searching information on Indians in Mexico I got this site. Mu husband might be shifting to Mexico soon followed by me. I am from India stayed in USA for some time. Can you guys tell me if Mexico is safe to live. We have to stay in Mexico City. Are there Indian Communities? Are there Indian grocery store????? Please help.

  11. Hi!

    First of all, I would like to thank the blogger for gathering information about Indian restaurants and grocery stores in Mexico. This is very helpful and it will be very helpful to a lot of people traveling to Mexico.

    I am staying in Leon, Guanajuato from about 2 months and so far, I have not found/seen a single Indian in this city. 😦

    Anyway, if someone staying in Leon stumbles upon this post, please leave a reply.

    There are couple of restaurants you might want to add to the above list. One is located in Leon (which I just figured out) and other is located in Guanajuato CIty.

    One is Leon is:

    One in Guanajuato City is:

    I went to Centro Bharati 3 weeks back but unfortunately, it was closed. I have not had another opportunity to go there again.


  12. Hi Dinesh,

    I am looking for some details about Mexico City, Can you please advise for good Indian restaurant ? I will be in core town for couple of days. – Nehal

  13. Hi All,

    Please also let me know if any place in Mexico City where our Indian community have get-to-gather on weekend. – Nehal

  14. Firstly, great efforts to consolidate information for current & potential Indian residents in Mexico. Even in this age of internet, it is not easy to get information about Indians in Mexico.

    There is a possibility of me moving to Mexicali in the near future. Any Indians living currently at that place? I saw one poster Jyoti who seems to be in Mexicali. Is there an Indian community in Mexicali. Is it a safe city to live?

  15. Hi. I am Atul. I am professor and getting opportunity to teach at university for three month. If accommodation is offered and salary is 30 k peso. How much saving is possible. I may be working at queretaro. Plz inform

  16. krishna india grocery at reasonable Price and from rice to pickle to other grocery product even indian broom available under one roof… number: saltillo mexico…..8442743377….requested to contact first by email…..

  17. it’s great to see the consolidation, wonderful information. I’m moving to Mexico City from India soon and will stay there long term. I need your suggestion for accommodation. My office will be at Insurgents 3900, Piso 1C, Col Tlalpan, DF 14000. Any suggestion of nearby accommmodation which will be nice and safe for family? Thanks in advance.

    1. You can check on Airbnb. Just enter your location and you will get a number of options. Plus its safe. I just got an apartment. Dont forget to negotiate.

    1. Ahh, nice to hear that, Tarun, as I’m also considering Polanco for accommodation. Any idea how far it is from Tlalpan (Insurgents 3900, Piso 1C, zip 14000)? I’m planning to travel to Mexico on July mid, let’s see. I must say this is very good collaboration and I’m thankful to all of you for all the info.

      1. Hello Jaydeep,

        Personally, I would suggest you to look around the following areas (not sure about Postal Codes – CP):

        – Del Valle
        – Guadalupe Inn
        – San Jose Insurgentes
        – Florida

        Your workplace is very much towards the South of Mexico City and Polanco is around the West. On a day without much traffic, it would take you around 40 mins to reach work from Polanco by car (transport 1 hour). But normally around peak work-hours (morning and evening), it would take atleast 1:30 by car or transport.

        Depending on whether you are coming with Family or not, it could deprive you of a healthy Family-Life.

        The areas I am suggesting above are towards the South and are well connected by Public Transport (you may take MetroBus, buses which go on dedicated Lanes on Insurgentes Street and will leave you in front of your work). These may even allow you to have Lunch at home, if you can have a Lunch time of around 1:30.

        They also have a lot to do on the weekends with Families (Malls, Restaurants, etc.).

        Sameer Deshpande

  18. Thanks a ton, Sameer, for such detailed information, this will certainly be helpful for me. Yes, I’ll move with family, and commute time is of prime focus as u correctly mentioned. The areas that u’ve mentioned are nearby Coyoacan as I’ve seen in map. Just wanted to know, those places are safe and have shops nearby, right? Please suggest.
    I’ll look forward fore more information as u and other can share. Thanks for bringing my worry down.

  19. Yeap, all of these areas, including Coyoacan, are Family-safe. They are very much Residential Zones with auto-service Shops, Malls, Cinemas, etc. nearby.

    1. Can’t thank u enough, Sameer; this is excellent information. Thank u so much all. Will get in touch.

  20. Hi

    Recently I have moved to guadalajara,could you please let me know where I can find Indian grocry store and any Indian restaurant?and is this place will be safe?

  21. I am moving to Guadalajara in mid august. Is it safe to live with family. Are Indians are residing there. I am planning to live in leon

  22. hi guys..I moved to mexico a couple of months back..There is an indian restaurant named rehamania in miguel hidalgo..this is their webiste and you can call and get home delivery too.. for indian spices rey home of spices is good..they have all dals, sooji,poha,idly dosa mixes,bhelpuri mix,ghee,some masalas and many other them at and they reply very fast..

  23. We used this website to find Laxmi Indian Store in guadalajara expo area
    and Rey’s Home of Spices in Polanco area in Mexico city DF

    Both were really awesome places. Rey’s home of spices provides groceries like bhindi, lokee, karela, arbi as well

  24. Hello, my husband and I are moving to Guadalajara in Sept. Are there good international schools and good locality to rent an accommodation. Please let me know if there is any website I can look at for all information on GDL

  25. Hey everyone

    I have just shifted to Hermosillo, Sonora.
    Anyone living here or any info about Indian stores and restaurants?


  26. Hi – I am moving to Playa del Carmen, are there any Indians living in this area? Where can I buy indian groceries. Previously visited Om Curry restaurant, the owner said it was difficult to buy indian spices etc., Not sure if things have changed since last year. Any help will be great. Thanks

    1. We lived in Playa del Carmen till the end of August before moving to San Miguel de Allende. Other than Harish at Curry Om there is Raj who is from Srilanka and he has lived there for about 15 years. You will run into him sooner or later! DAC is a store at the corner of Calle 20 and Avenida 30 and has almost any whole Indian spices you need. But for other Indian stuff like Dals and spice powders I went every few months to the Belize free zone which is about 3 hours away and there are two Asian grocery stores that carried almost everything you could find in a store in the US. You should also go to the Eco-markets on Tuesdays at Kava Kasa or Fridays at Coco Beach. There is a lady Diana and I bought moong dal from her.
      BTW I left a curry leaf plant with a friend of mine there, I will be glad to let you have it if you are into using curry leaves.

      1. Hi Surendra – thank you for your reply, it was most helpful. I’ll definitely take your curry plant, I’ve got a large garden and will be most happy to look after it on your behalf. I’ll keep in touch and let you know when I am in Playa and make arrangements to pick up your curry plant.
        One last question, I heard a rumour that crime has become bad in Playa, did you experience this at all?

      2. Hi there… I just saw the thread on this as we were on vacation last month… Playa is a great place to be at still, this is our 7th year here… you will here a lot about a lot things everywhere you go, just be safe with what you do. Surendra is right about all the things for getting supplies… besides you’re in Mexico so enjoy the Mexican cuisine too  Regards Harish  Curry Omm

      3. Hello Surendra – I am flying to Playa on 25th Apr’16, taking my stuff across the oceans. My house is now ready and so is the garden. Can you provide the address where I can pick up your curry plant? I’d love to have it grown in my garden. Next time you are in Playa, let me know and you can come see your plant there. Thanks and look forward to your reply.

  27. Hi, thank you for your reply. You are right re: Mexican food, my husband and love it. Also you’re your message it sounds like Playa is a good place to be in. Any tips where in Playa I could learn to speak Spanish (although I am learning it online but still not the same as when you are learning/speaking Spanish whilst living there). Also are there any garden centres? Where can I buy quality coconut trees etc?

    1. Hi you can use 

      IHRM | Spanish and TESOL courses in Playa del Carmen (Miexico)

      |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | IHRM | Spanish and TESOL courses in Playa del Carmen…Spanish courses in Mexico | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

       Shopping for plants would be best by travelling out towards the Merida road from Cancun, there are many nurseries along the road side…

      Regards Harish

    1. This New Year, wish all the joy and happiness in the world to all!
      I have a question, with the recent ISIS Paris attacks, has the Indian community suffered any repercussions from the local Mexican people as a consequence of this nasty episode in France?

  28. Hello Namaste,
    My name is Dipankar kattel.
    I am from india.
    Actually i gonna make here at Mazatlan one Indian acessory,dreses,
    jewlry, shop.Can you tell me anybody from where i can buy indian items from mexico wholesale.
    thank you.

  29. Hello. Namase.
    I would like to find out if anyone can advise me about good banks in Cancun or Playa del Carmen? Also does anyone have any idea which banks in the UK also have presence in PDC and Cancun so that I can utilise my money from the UK?


      1. Hi Dinesh my name is neelam from new Delhi I came to Mexico city last week and finding good department in Polanco. Can you suggest any thing.

  30. hello every one,
    I am planning to move to Mexico City with my family as my company is sending me there on deputation for three years. So i want to know that living cost, rent for flat(approx), Safe place to live, Place, where most of our Indians are living. I am planning to live, where our Indians are living. So requesting you to help in this matter.


    I am going to live in mexico city, any good location to live, if some body from pharmaceutical, please help some good location.

  32. Hi – everyone I am finally moving to Playa del Carmen for good at the end of May’16. I am bringing photos which have currently got glass, have been advised to have the glass removed and refitted when I am in Playa. Does anyone know where I can get my photos refitted with glass in Playa or anywhere in the Yucatan? Thank you

  33. Hi, thanks a lot for this blog. My husband, daughter & I are traveling to Cancun next week. My daughter is a very picky eater so we will be doing most of our cooking there. I was wondering if I can take rice, toor dal, masalas etc from USA? We will be flying. Thanks

    1. Hi Meena, we have a lot of experience in traveling into Cancun as it’s our local airport (we have a restaurant Curry Omm in Playa Del Carmen), bringing Indian foods into Cancun can be easy or difficult, it depends on two things, firstly, I recommend you declare it on the customs form which you have to fill in and than it depends if you get the green light or the red light, (random selection) if you get green you will pass through without any issues, however if you get a Red light, than they will search all your bags and if they find things they don’t know, like masala, they will take it away, but it’s best you declared it in the first place!

      There is a place called DAC, I’m not sure about it’s location in Cancun, as we use the one in Playa, but you will find some of the spices there if yours get taken away…. good luck hp

      1. Hi Curry Omm, thanks a lot for your reply. I was planning on getting pre packaged masala items like pulihora powder, turmeric powder, sambhar powder etc since we will be doing majority of cooking there especially for my little one. I just hope it’s ok. Also can I carry toor dal? Should it be packaged or can I take some in a ziploc bag? Thanks

    2. Hi, I don’t think you will be able to take these goods through immigration. However, if you are in Playa del Carmen, there is a DAC organic store, near the Mega supermarket. They do mung and other dhaals and you can find rice in this store and in the Mega store. All the best and enjoy your trip.

    3. Hi Meena

      I’ve brought in lots of masala etc, and even when I’ve got the red button it’s been fine. Just make sure to declare that you have food in the customs form. Of course, I can’t guarantee that they won’t confiscate it, but worth a shot. Also, you can get rice here easily. I would make sure that everything you get is sealed in its original packaging.

  34. Hello fellow Indians in Mexico,

    Work is moving me to cancun in a week from Orlando after several years of being away from India. For those in the area, we can all meet up sometime.

    If anyone needs stuff from the indian store/USA specific let me know

    Looking forward to meeting everyone! My email is

  35. You need to be aware, if your bags get scanned, the indian goods may be confiscated/ All the best with your move and let’s meet up soon.

    1. Hi Kate,
      Just moved to Cancun and would love to have a curry leaf tree in our garden
      If you are still in Playa del Carmen we can drive by and collect a small shoot off from your tree. Let me know

  36. Hi All,
    Any Indian grocery store or supermarket nearby below hotel in Mexico city?
    St Isidro Corporate Housing, Calle San Isidro #63, Miguel Hidalgo, Reforma Social, 11650 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico

  37. Hi Friends,
    I am traveling on business trip to Mexico for 3 weeks starting 10th July. I need some information on Indian grocery stores near following address.

    Also if you guys can assist me with some good Indian Restaurants as I am pure vegetarian .

  38. Hi friends
    My husband and I are going to move to Mexico city. So please provide us with some information of Mexico city, its living culture and how easy it is for Indians to live there. Can we easily get Indian grocery near Colonia Polanco?and safe is it to live in Mexico?

    1. Hi Sneha,

      R u guys at Mexico City? My sister is moving to Mexico City. Can u put in some feedback staying there? How easy to get Indian groceries?


  39. Hello,

    Good to hear that there are so many Indians in Mexico. I am planning to move Saltillo for a job as an English teacher. Can you all please tell me how is the situation in Mexico and is it safe for women in Saltillo. Also could you please tell me how much salary in Pesos is required for a decent living in Saltillo, Mexcio. Please reply I need to accept or reject the offer soon.

  40. Hi, this blog is great! I have recently moved to San Luis Potosi, I have checked all the comments and have seen nothing about Indian Restaurants or Groceries here. Just in case, does anyone know of any here in San Luis Potosi?

  41. The closest place to get Indian groceries is Guadalajara at Lakshmi Indian Store, Condo Plaza
    Avenida Plaza del Sol 25, Local 27
    044 33 1038 4232.
    He opens at 5:30PM every evening. That maybe your closest Indian restaurant as well.

  42. I am not aware of an Indian store in Guanajuato. I live in San Miguel de Allende. Here there is a store called Bonanza on Calle Mesones where I can buy many things that I need for making my Indian food. What I do not get here I get from Lakshmi in Guadalajara. The owner tells me he ships to Guanajuato all the time. His contact information is in the message above.

  43. Thank you surendra for your answer.I had already ordered andd got some things from lakshmi stores Gudalajara i was completely upset to see the things after expiry date and lot of ítems without any expiry date,packets broken in transit

  44. I request all to check and get the products as i got the answe from the store person it is common that people will get the things like this here and not bothered about the dates of expiry

  45. Hi all.. im moving to mexicali ..are there any indians living there ? And please guide me how to get Indian groceries?

  46. Hi Kate,
    Are you still in Playa del Carmen? We just moved to Cancun and would like to have some curry leaves but even better if your tree has got offshoots which we can transplant in our garden.
    Thank you

  47. Hi all, i’m not sure if this thread is still active but i wanted to reach out. I am a desi chef and just opened a restaurant in mexico city called Masala y Maiz ( with my partner who is a mexican chef. Its a research-based restaurant tracking the migrations of ingredients & cooking techniques between India, East Africa and Mexico. I’m definitely looking forward to connecting with more South Asians here in Mexico City and am looking for good spice merchants and a more consistent source of curry leaves here in the city (especially looking for a curry leaf plant that we can grow at the restaurant). Hope you all are well.
    in community,

    1. Hey. I live in pachuca, an hour away from Mexico City and would love to come to your restaurant. We may go there tomorrow and also I’m looking for some contacts for spices

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